T h e    O u t l i e r    I n n 

     This place is really something special- very potent and inspiring!  I developed and built this studio with the amazing and talented producer/ engineer Josh Druckman…  a wonderfully organic process that has yielded a truly unique and magical recording studio nestled in the Catskills of New York.         website


M e r c y     S o u n d 

    Mercy is a 4 studio suite in the East Village NYC… and quite simply, there is no place like it!  Super versatile and full of energy… it is the go-to studio in downtown nyc for many diverse and incredible artists... I built the place and designed it alongside the owner and visionary Scott Clark.          website

L e t    'e m     I n     S t u d i o

A spacious and wonderful studio run and created by Nadim Issa. I built an additional large and integrated isolation booth to facilitate expanding and varying recording situations..       website